Monday, March 1, 2010

Going "Home" Again.

It has been almost two years since we moved to our new home in Mississippi, and almost two years since we have been home to Sulphur, Louisiana were we lived for 12 years. Where Alli was born and the kids grew up. Where we made life long friends and decided on nicknames for each other. To say we were excited about going back to see everything in an understatement. We were on our way to Houston to meet up with Larry for a week of fun. Fun for the kids and I and some work and fun for Lar. Even in two years things looked a little smaller to the kids and a little more worn than I remembered. First stop was Casa Ole', our favorite Mexican restaurant, for lunch and to
celebrate Makayla's 16th birthday - just like old
times. We ran into a neighbor their and visited
for a few minuets. Then it was back to the house
on Trailwood Court to look around and visit with Ms.
Billie our closest neighbor. We went by the park that
I use to pull the kids to in the wagon or ride our bikes
when they got older. We went to the rec center where
we spent alot of time and to the library. It seemed just
the same. We all really enjoyed our walk down memory


Jackie said...

Ahhhh...a sweet walk down memory lane. I love it. Thanks for the pictures and the faithful narrative. Y'all rock my socks. Hugs from up yonder! ~ Jax

Robynn's Ravings said...

Just wondering how you are and if all is okay. Hope so. Probably life is just super busy as it gets for so many of us. I LOVE my blogging - almost as much as my blogging BREAKS! lol