Monday, March 1, 2010

Going "Home" Again.

It has been almost two years since we moved to our new home in Mississippi, and almost two years since we have been home to Sulphur, Louisiana were we lived for 12 years. Where Alli was born and the kids grew up. Where we made life long friends and decided on nicknames for each other. To say we were excited about going back to see everything in an understatement. We were on our way to Houston to meet up with Larry for a week of fun. Fun for the kids and I and some work and fun for Lar. Even in two years things looked a little smaller to the kids and a little more worn than I remembered. First stop was Casa Ole', our favorite Mexican restaurant, for lunch and to
celebrate Makayla's 16th birthday - just like old
times. We ran into a neighbor their and visited
for a few minuets. Then it was back to the house
on Trailwood Court to look around and visit with Ms.
Billie our closest neighbor. We went by the park that
I use to pull the kids to in the wagon or ride our bikes
when they got older. We went to the rec center where
we spent alot of time and to the library. It seemed just
the same. We all really enjoyed our walk down memory

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Making of Our Family Christmas Picture

If we were going to have a family Christmas picture this year it was up to me to get it done. I needed every ones cooperation of coarse and ask that they bring their best smiles but really its me - all me. ;0) Just joking here. Anyway, I used a little tripod that Lar had given me a couple of Christmases ago to take this picture. It has bendy legs so I can wrap it around a tree trunk or put it just about anywhere. On the way to church I announced that when we got home before everyone changed we would try to get a family photo. I set the tripod up on a fence opposite of us and set the timer. I had 10 seconds to run over and climb up on the fence and smile. After several tries I got my technique down and we ended up with a great picture. The kids enjoyed seeing me run for dear life. They know how I love a good picture. In the making of this picture I must thank Makayla for helping me up, Nick for always smiling, Alli for offering to help, and Lar for putting up with the whole mess. Merry Christmas and thank you my treasured family for the memories.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The First Day of Christmas Southern Style

Makayla and Nick aka Nan and Uncle Stan N Baum were in the Youth Christmas play this past Sunday evening. Makayla had the lead role and did just GREAT. The way that southern accent was just a flying you would never know she is a Yankee by birth. She has been raised in the South long enough to come by some of it naturally. The other was pure acting talent. She just can't hep it. I kept saying I can't hep it the rest of the evening and into the next day. Until Nan put the nix on it. Hep it - its just fun to say. This has been a great Christmas season and more fun is in store. Happy Birthday Jesus - Southern Style.

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12 Days Til Christmas

I had been thinking of a New Tradition I wanted to start with the kids this year. Its called On the 12th day till Christmas my Momma gave to me... I thought this would be a fun way to count down the last few days of Christmas together. Each day we change the number as we count down. I put 12 little bags on the window sill and each morning when they come down for breakfast they can check the bag for a goodie. The first morning was a card telling of the idea and a little love note along with a snow globe. Nicks was a Charlie Brown snow globe that he really liked. We have been saying to each other for a couple years now Me- " your a good man Charlie Brown" to which he replys " your a good girl Lucile." So far they have gotten the snow globes, a baby picture from Christmas 1998 along with a couple choc. kisses, a small box of chocolates wrapped up. And this morning each received a coupon - Mak for Breakfast in bed, Nick - we will call him your Royal Highness and salute him for one whole day and Alli she has 1 hour where it is all about her! That was a big hit. They really like the snow on the windows to be sure. It does add a certain something to the whole thing. Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho Only 9 days.

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These Three Jingle Bells Rock

Yes, these three put the Jingle in Lar and My bells. They are the Pb and J and Lar and I are the bread - we just go together. We Love them. Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. We Love them. Cute and Crazy and sometimes Cranky. We love them. Early in the Morning, Late at Night and Every time in Between. We love them. We offer up our Prayer of Thanksgiving to our Lord Above for these beautiful, healthy, wonderful kids. Merry Christmas to our three Jingle Bells - thanks for the memories and thank you very much for these GREAT pictures. Love you, Moma and Dad.

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Merry Christmas Makayla

We raced home from school to get Makayla's pictures taken before I went to work. Clothes changed, "wear that hat you wore on Sunday you look so cute in it", and make up done. Out we go with Belle on our heels wanting to get in on the pictures. Makayla has such a beautiful easy smile to share with everyone. She had fun posing and she would say it was the easiest Christmas "photo shoot" we have ever had. Amen to that sista. She is a dear sweet girl and I enjoy her so much. Merry Christmas Makayla Girl!

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Our own St. Nick

Nick, Nick, Nick - what joy you bring to this family. Along with alot of loud noises, and irritations to your sisters. Like always jumping out at Makayla and trying to scare her. But mostly joy. Nick is no new comer when it comes to pictures - he is a great photographer and has had I would say thousands of pictures taken of him these past years. St. Nicholas C. Lippert was born 14 years ago Dec. 26th. Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho.

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